Silver Star Lodge # 61

Prince Hall Affiliated
2 B 1 Ask 1

Silver Star Lodge #61  Chartered December 15, 1887


In the summer of 1887 a group of renowned men, well known and outstanding leaders in their communities sent a petition to The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Florida in Jacksonville requesting a charter for their lodge. The founding fathers and group of renowned individuals that signed the petition were:    


John G. Riley - Worshipful Master                                                                                         

J. Summons – Senior Warden                                                                                                  

Alex Stockton - Junior Warden                                                                                                

C. Blackston - Treasurer                                                                                                      

John Smith - Secretary                                                                                                            

J. Mashburn - Senior Deacon                                                                                                 

S. A. Jackson - Junior Deacon                                                                                               

W. Carter - Chaplain                                                                                                                

J. Carter  -Marshall                                                                                                                   

Elser Andrews - Senior Steward                                                                                               

D.C. Curry - Junior Steward                                                                                                     

Peter Crooms - Tyler      

      Brothers  Luci Jeffery  and W. Blackston

On December 15, 1887 The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Florida issued the Silver Star Lodge of Quincy a Charter. The Grand Lodge Officers that Signed the Charter were: 

Johnson H. Dickerson - Most Worshipful Grand Master                                                           

John Jackson - Deputy Grand Master                                                                                      

E.J. Alexander - Grand Secretary                                                                                       

D.W. Gilister Grand Senior Warden  

Some loyal members of Silver Star’s history are:

C.H. Henry- Grand Master

Flem Williams                           Thomas Master                Robert Nealy              

Martin Anderson                      Matthew King                  Henry Croom

Edward Jones                           Witt Campbell                 Sam W. Betsey Jr.

Willie Jones                              W.E. Pittman                  Council Andrews

Albert Henry                             James Fields                   James Williams

John Tribute                             John Emmett Tribute

Pete Preston                             Morris Robinson

Rev. Sam Betsey, Sr.                Rev. T.T. Jackson

Rev. B.W. Roberts                   B.W. Roberts

Will Coaster                             Charlie Gee

John Hamilton                           Willie J. Anderson

Simeon Johnson                        Jim McMillian